I imagined the Tender Jacket like a self-embrace. Like Jacques Salomé would say, “receiving tenderness is feeling recognized and accepted like a precious being, like an exceptional being!”


You ARE exceptional!

Pink is the colour of ingenuousness, of kindness, of purity, but also of seduction and loyalty. It is a symbol of softness, of romantism and of selfless love.


Dive into a journey to the deepest of blues... From azure to cerulean, from ultramarine to lapis lazuli, all hues blend in the Azuli.

"I dreamed of a Divine Jacket, a Jacket that would come as an evidence in its shape and colors. I dreamed of a Jacket that would make us feel that everything is possible!"

This Jacket was created to awaken the hero in you!


Bomber Jacket for women and men

Pink and black satin, Lurex

Available in S, M, L.

Can be embroidered to order.

Cuffs, collar and bottom in golden elastic.



The Tender Power Jacket can be washed in a machine only using cold water, or 30°C.

Do not iron.

Do not dry-clean.


Your Jacket will appreciate an occasional wash. Simply hang to dry. If necessary, you can get rid of creases using a steam iron.


Please follow the care instructions. ELI GRITA is not responsible for any degradation of your Jacket in case of non-respect of these instructions.




    - Laver à l’eau froide, ou sur cycle délicat

    - Ne pas repasser

    - pas de nettoyage à sec

    Votre Tender Jacket appréciera d’être lavée de temps en temps.

    Vous pouvez simplement la faire sécher sur cintre, et la défroisser avec un steamer ou une centrale vapeur.



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