Each model has been thought, created and designed by our creator in Paris, in limited edition.

The collection is handmade.

The designer is adamant on working with French craftspeople and suppliers, to ensure a strict quality control over the production, optimal work conditions and to lower our carbon footprint.

This leather bag is entirely handmade in our Parisian atelier.

Ii is in a quest for responsible behaviour, but also for aesthetics and quality that Eli Grita follows an upcycling approach. This methos allows us to reuse excess leather from the best brands, such as Hermès and Louis Vuitton.

This also grands us access to the very best French tanneries. This is what makes our bags so unique: each piece of leather is carefully selected and can only be used once.

Our products are mainly Swift calf, young bull, crocodile and python leather.

All chains and jewellery is gilded with 1 micron 23K gold.




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