PRESS SALE - This Jacket was worn during a press event.


What if the World talked to you...


"I am here, all around and inside you, with great pleasure. There is nothing to resist me, I am the eternal dance of totality.

I believe in the magic of life, in power and its symbols.


To me, a Jacket is more than a character or a role you could play. a Jacket represents a part of who you are.

The more you wear it, the more you become it. Repetition transforms us. Do not forget that your Jacket has a real power over who you are!


Unisex Jacket in silk, viscose and leather.

Handmade yokes.

Made to measure and to order.




The "LE MONDE"Jacket is dry clean only.



Please follow the care instructions. ELI GRITA is not responsible for any degradation of your Jacket in case of non-respect of these instructions.




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